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  • Margo Perin Interview Part 2

    Author and Poet Margo Perin continues her interview on Culture Connect with Host Audrey Ray Daniel about her latest novel:  “The Opposite of Hollywood”

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  • Nyna Pais Caputi, Director “Petals in the Dust”

    Petals in the Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls is a documentary film that highlights how age-old beliefs, intolerance and a preference for sons, combined with growing materialism and technology is leading to increased incidences of discrimination, violence and the horrific and tragic murder of millions of Indian girls and women. The film will initiate dialogue around genocide and violence against women, not just in India but globally and spur people to get involved and take action.

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  • Dee Hibbert-Jones & Nomi Talisman Directors, Living Condition

    Dee and Nomi will discuss there work in progress: “Living Condition” is an animated documentary and an interactive project that tells the stories of three families living in close proximity to capital punishment. Living Condition describes capital punishment from three perspectives: from a family who lives with the loss of an executed brother, a second family whose son was wrongfully accused of a capital crime and released under complex circumstances, and a third fighting to prove innocence, while visiting their loved […]

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  • Luis Delgado-Qualtrough, Reframing Photography

    Fine art photographer and publisher at Malulu Editions, Califrisco Press and Refrita Editores. Luis has published many social commentary artist books. Past publications include “Frases Celebres Mexicanas” 2010, “Cuentos Chinos” 2008″Unfathomable, “Loteria Cosmologica” 1996-2008, Humanity” 2006, “Power Ties” 2007, Deconstitution” 2008, “Analisis Forense del Coco” 2004, and “A Portrait Collection of Sierra Totonaca Indians” 1975-2006. “Le canto por un pan” I sing for bread offers both photographs and verses by Luis Delgado and is “a cinematic print journey into the […]

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  • Afterlife in the Age of the Internet? Meet Cara Rose DeFabio

            Cara is a performer and dancer. Most recently her one woman piece  “AFTER THE TONE” was awarded Best of Fringe at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. “After the Tone employs texting tricks, talking ipads and audience interaction to investigate afterlife in the age of the internet” “As we increasingly rely on technology to remember, are we surrendering our power to forget? Cara Rose DeFabio explores stories of how digital debris has transformed the mourning process and […]

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  • Ralph Carney and Serious “JASS”

    Ralph Carney taps into a repertoire of instruments and compositions that place him both in a “historical” and “hysterical” adventure playing now what he calls “serious jass”.  Ralph has “invigorated the work of musicians as varied as Tom Waits, Frank Black, The B-52′s and the Black Keys.

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  • Mister Wa’s Film Adventures: “Children of the Cockettes”

    Through the lens of The Cockettes’ heritage, Mister WA explores the free-spirited and non-conformist performance torches carried by the likes of Thrillpeddlers, Trannyhack and Peaches Christ. This organically-developed documentary investigates the current resurgence of glam gender performances and theater of the ridiculous in contemporary San Francisco. The free-form documentary integrates The Cockettes’ esthetics down to its narrative as it weaves a cinematic quilt of queer art, performance, LGBT community, music and glamor unique to San Francisco. This project feeds off of hundreds of hours of video […]

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  • Drone, Towers and Playhouses of Artist Stephen Whisler

    In July 2013 Stephen switched  highway signs in Napa, normally advising us that we are being watched from the air, with his own designs that were”Speed enforced by drones”    “He isn’t part of any activist organization, but his message is: “Watch out, this is coming” “… all the snooping on Internet and phones, and drones really ties into that.” Stephen’s current body of work “Drones and Towers” are drawings which depict Guard Towers, Observation Towers and Drones. They are large […]

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  • Animation that captures the imagination: Charlie Corriea

    Charlie Corriea is a San Francisco based animator.  A graduate of SF State, Charlie received the Gordon Thomas Memorial Scholarship in Animation for 2008 as well as the prestigious Princess Grace Honorarium. Fu-de has since been screened at numerous local film festivals and won honors, including Best Emerging Film Maker at the 2011 Mendocino Film Festival.  Charlie has completed animation on a number of independent documentary film projects including Watershead,produced by Robert Redford The Chinese Gardens by Valirie Soe and  Ed Hardy ‘Tattoo the […]

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  • Judy Gittelsohn: From New Wave to the Next Wave of Paintings

    Gittelsohn has been painting in the Bay Area for over 30 years. She exhibits widely and her work is collected around the world in both private and corporate collections. Anne Loucks Gallery, Glencoe, Illinois, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists’ Gallery and Art Dimensions, Los Angeles represent her artwork.  Spring of 2007 Judy opened Art For Well Beings – – an art center in Palo Alto to serve all people interested in the transformative power of art.  […]

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  • Joseph A. Blum: The Bridge Builders

    “Joe Blum has been hard at work on the Bay Bridge’s newly constructed eastern span, but his tools look a bit different than the men and women that surround him – his tools are a 35 mm Nikon camera, and occasionally a large format Pentax camera. From the Bridge project’s inception in 1998, Blum has been dutifully documenting the process of its expansion, and intends to continue until the Bridge’s completion and formal opening sometime this year. Interview will be […]

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  • Diane Epstein, Fresco Inspired Photographs

      Diane Epstein, an American fine art photographer has made Italy her home since 1995 where she has been exhibiting her fresco photographs of Italy both in the U.S, and abroad. She also has had numerous commissions to do installations of her large-scale images, as well as private photography shoots. Epstein has a keen eye towards bringing to life Ancient and Renaissance Rome, as well as other old-world cities. Epstein captures an original view of the monuments, statues, fountains and […]

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  • Oaxacan Artist Calixto Robles

    Oaxacan Artist Calixto Robles

    Excited to share  this piece of news! I began shooting this piece back in October of 2013 in Calixto’s studio. I am just finishing up shooting and editing and realized it was more than a piece for the show. It became a short portrait of the artist which will be entered in the Oaxacan Film Festival this year. Due to that I cannot post it on the website. So stay tuned if it gets accepted! The title of the film […]

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