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  • Renaissance Man: Christopher Bernard: Poet, Novelist, Filmmaker

    Renaissance Man: Christopher Bernard: Poet, Novelist, Filmmaker

          Christopher grew up near the Atlantic seaboard, the farm country of eastern Pennsylvania and the high deserts of Mexico. He immersed  himself in Russian fiction, English poetry, and the music of Wagner, Beethoven, and Bruckner. He began writing his own stories, poems, plays, novels, essays and composing classical music.  His poems and fiction have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies throughout the United States.  Christopher help found the literary and arts magazine Caveat Lector, http://www.caveat-lector.org which, with […]

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  • Drone, Towers and Playhouses of Artist Stephen Whisler

    In July 2013 Stephen switched  highway signs in Napa, normally advising us that we are being watched from the air, with his own designs that were”Speed enforced by drones”    “He isn’t part of any activist organization, but his message is: “Watch out, this is coming” “… all the snooping on Internet and phones, and drones really ties into that.” Stephen’s current body of work “Drones and Towers” are drawings which depict Guard Towers, Observation Towers and Drones. They are large […]

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  • “Floating Geometric Patterns” by Artist Sabine Reckewell

    “Floating Geometric Patterns” by Artist Sabine Reckewell

    “Sabine Reckewell’s large-scale three-dimensional drawings in space are inspired by minimalist and conceptual art of the 1960s and ‘70s as well as her own background in design and fiber art. With modest tools – a hammer, pushpins, ribbon and a measuring tape – she creates complex geometric patterns that appear to float in mid-air. The ordinarily hard lines of these shapes are softened by the pliable property of her material and the effects of gravity. Through repetition, Reckewell is able […]

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