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  • Nathan Kensinger Photojournalist:  Brooklyn Waterfront, Historical Landmarks Disappearing…

    Nathan Kensinger Photojournalist: Brooklyn Waterfront, Historical Landmarks Disappearing…

                Nathan Kensinger was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores hidden urban landscapes, off-limits industrial structures, unnatural waterways, environmental disaster zones, endangered coastal communities, and other liminal spaces. Nathan’s work encompasses photography, film, installation, curation and writing.Kensinger’s photographs have been exhibited by the Museum of the City of New York, the Brooklyn Museum, the Queens Museum, the Museum of […]

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  • Nick Shepard: De bekende wereld

    Nick Shepard: De bekende wereld

    Nick Shepard makes photographs that depict common objects, spaces, and subjects as he explores subtly varied ideas of commerce, value, and aesthetics. In his long-term project De bekende wereld (The Known World), he uses visual beauty, light effects, and naturalism informed by his deep knowledge of the Dutch masters to reexamine contemporary life in America. Nick has recently delved further into the complex relationship between digital manipulation and traditional mark making by creating images that reveal digital and physical interventions, […]

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  • Director, Photographer Gilad Baram, the making of “Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land”

    “Director Gilad Baram, Koudelka’s assistant at the time, follows him on his journey through the Holy Land from one enigmatic and visually spectacular location to another. In each location –soon to become a new “Koudelka photo” –a new scene unfolds, gradually introducing us to Koudelka’s method of working and his perception of the world he is documenting as well as the people he encounters. A fascinating dialogue emerges between Baram’s cinematography and Koudelka’s still photographs, as Baram places the photographer […]

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  • Dorothy Fadiman

    Dorothy Fadiman

    Dorothy Fadiman, CONCENTRIC MEDIA’s founder, Dorothy Fadiman, has been producing films for 35 years. Awards include an EMMY, an OSCAR nomination, and a GOLD MEDAL from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.http://concentric.org Butterfly Town USA, A film by Dorothy Fadiman and Marlo McKenzie  follows a community in Pacific Grove, California in which citizens are working together to protect their Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Internal disagreements about how to best take care of this beautiful habitat are escalating at a time when climate […]

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  • Tony Jonick,  Filmmaker

    Tony Jonick, Filmmaker

    In the 1800s immigrants gave up everything to come to America, escaping starvation and persecution. In the 2010, I discovered a cassette telling the story of how my Mother’s Grandmama came to the U.S. as a young girl. I had the tape translated from Ghesmashkikcili and discovered the bravery and wit of my great-grandmother. She had to strike an unusual bargain to win freedom for her family, and her courage astonished me. While the tiny country of Ghesmashkik is completely […]

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