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Diane Epstein, Fresco Inspired Photographs


Diane Epstein, an American fine art photographer has made Italy her home since 1995 where she has been exhibiting her fresco photographs of Italy both in the U.S, and abroad. She also has had numerous commissions to do installations of her large-scale images, as well as private photography shoots. Epstein has a keen eye towards bringing to life Ancient and Renaissance Rome, as well as other old-world cities. Epstein captures an original view of the monuments, statues, fountains and the hidden with a textural, timeless quality. With her own innovative form of photography, she revives the large-scale narrative painting and panoramic vistas of another time, while still retaining the architectural details of today. Epstein touches on the mystery of place and time with her fresco inspired photographs, as well as her sepia-toned and color images of European and New York street scenes.