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Anusha Neelem: Quality of Life

Anusha Neelem

Anusha Neelam, just graduated with a BA in Business from Oregon State University. I sat next to her July 22, 2013 on a plane and asked her destination. She was headed to South Korea with 45 students from around the world to gather for a conference about  “Quality of Life”. When she returns from her trip we will have a studio interview via skype. Anusha will share her experience and the ideas that these students generate.

Her trip is sponsored by the city of  Portland and their sister city  of Cheonan , South Korea. She was on the Mayors youth advisory board in high school and was asked to join a International sustainability program (ISP) 6 week program offered 4 years ago. This also brought international students together. How large companies could reduce their carbon foot print to stay sustainable.