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Award Winning Author Cathy Luchetti

Author Cathy Luchetti

Cathy has written Women of the West, Under God’s Spell, Home on the Range: A Culinary History of the American West, Medicine Women, Children of the West, Men of the West as well as a health cookbook for menopause, The Hot Flash Cookbook. Three have won prestigious national awards: Women of the West, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award, Medicine Women, runner-up for the Willa Cather Award, Home on the Range, the James Beard Award for Writings on American Cooking, and The Hot Flash Cookbook, which has won first place in the International Cookbook Contest, Perigeaux, France.

Her current book, Skidboot, The Smartest Dog in the World, is based on America’s beloved successor to Rin Tin Tin and Lassie: the dog Skidboot has appeared on Oprah, Letterman, Pet Star and more–his legend lives on.