Culture Connect TV

Behind the Lens

Culture Connect TV is the brainchild of Audrey Daniel and is produced by Audrey Ray Daniel and Anna Newman.

Audrey portrait 2008

Audrey Ray Daniel   photo by Paul Dahlquist

I choose people who are passionate about their message and help them share it with the world. By opening ourselves to understanding different points of view we create  connection with others on a personal level and that is what makes the  world a better place -Audrey Ray Daniel

 Audrey Ray Daniel produces visual media that inspires audiences to take action. Culture Connect is an outcome of her devotion to cultural understanding which began in Madrid, Spain and Montevideo, Uruguay.  She is the founder of ARay Studio making video that resonates for artisans, nonprofits and entrepreneurs. Under the banner of documentary film studio 1000 Threads  she is producing “Jim Mizuki, Almond Farmer” and “Jack Kamesar, Sculptor” in 2013.

Photo of Anna Newman

Anna Newman photo by           Don Starnes

Anna Newman  is driven to discover and share stories of passionate individuals who engage the world in an unique way. She is the director of the film “Wade Krause: Pinball Artist,” and she has produced commercials, narrative and documentary films.  In her day job, Anna is nearing her ten year anniversary at PDI/DreamWorks Animation, where she works in R&D.