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  • Nick Shepard: De bekende wereld

    Nick Shepard: De bekende wereld

    Nick Shepard makes photographs that depict common objects, spaces, and subjects as he explores subtly varied ideas of commerce, value, and aesthetics. In his long-term project De bekende wereld (The Known World), he uses visual beauty, light effects, and naturalism informed by his deep knowledge of the Dutch masters to reexamine contemporary life in America. Nick has recently delved further into the complex relationship between digital manipulation and traditional mark making by creating images that reveal digital and physical interventions, […]

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  • Oaxacan Artist Calixto Robles

    Oaxacan Artist Calixto Robles

    “From the Heart” San Francisco Artist, Calixto Robles takes us on a journey of his philosophy of art,  and the power of imagery in his quest to pursue symbols which resonate healing in their rich colorful montages.  Originally from Oaxaca, a self taught artist he has pursued his painting with a passion. He teaches at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, and has been exhibited in the De Young, The Mexican Museum and other venues around the world. Calixto […]

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  • Dee Hibbert-Jones & Nomi Talisman Directors, Living Condition

    Dee Hibbert-Jones & Nomi Talisman Directors, Living Condition

    Dee and Nomi will discuss there work in progress: “Living Condition” is an animated documentary and an interactive project that tells the stories of three families living in close proximity to capital punishment. Living Condition describes capital punishment from three perspectives: from a family who lives with the loss of an executed brother, a second family whose son was wrongfully accused of a capital crime and released under complex circumstances, and a third fighting to prove innocence, while visiting their loved […]

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  • Drone, Towers and Playhouses of Artist Stephen Whisler

    In July 2013 Stephen switched  highway signs in Napa, normally advising us that we are being watched from the air, with his own designs that were”Speed enforced by drones”    “He isn’t part of any activist organization, but his message is: “Watch out, this is coming” “… all the snooping on Internet and phones, and drones really ties into that.” Stephen’s current body of work “Drones and Towers” are drawings which depict Guard Towers, Observation Towers and Drones. They are large […]

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