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  • Margo Perin Interview Part 2

    Margo Perin Interview Part 2

    Author and Poet Margo Perin continues her interview on Culture Connect with Host Audrey Ray Daniel about her latest novel:  “The Opposite of Hollywood”  

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  • Renaissance Man: Christopher Bernard: Poet, Novelist, Filmmaker

    Renaissance Man: Christopher Bernard: Poet, Novelist, Filmmaker

          Christopher grew up near the Atlantic seaboard, the farm country of eastern Pennsylvania and the high deserts of Mexico. He immersed  himself in Russian fiction, English poetry, and the music of Wagner, Beethoven, and Bruckner. He began writing his own stories, poems, plays, novels, essays and composing classical music.  His poems and fiction have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies throughout the United States.  Christopher help found the literary and arts magazine Caveat Lector, http://www.caveat-lector.org which, with […]

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  • Award Winning Author Cathy Luchetti

    Author Cathy Luchetti Cathy has written Women of the West, Under God’s Spell, Home on the Range: A Culinary History of the American West, Medicine Women, Children of the West, Men of the West as well as a health cookbook for menopause, The Hot Flash Cookbook. Three have won prestigious national awards: Women of the West, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award, Medicine Women, runner-up for the Willa Cather Award, Home on the Range, the James Beard Award for Writings on […]

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  • Mary Mackey, Author and Poet

      Mackey is the author of thirteen novels and six collections of poetry. She is noted for her historical fiction, particularly for The Year The Horses Came, The Horses At The Gate, and The Fires of Spring, a trilogy set in Neolithic Europe which Mackey based on the research of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. She is also noted for her lyric poetry which has been praised by Wendell Berry, Jane Hirshfield, Dennis Nurkse, Ron Hansen, Dennis Schmitz, and Marge Piercy for […]

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